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I am interested in many historical areas, including Ancient Athens, the American Revolution and Australian Colonial History. I have established this blog to generate some discussion about historical matters amongst interested people, especially my U3A students. It will also act as a  resource for my U3A classes where they can find links to relevant web sites and references to books. It may become a means for my class to discuss thoughts and ask questions.

I studied history at Monash University and was the  Head of  History at a large academic school, in Melbourne, before becoming an educational administrator. While doing this, I always manged to teach some history. Over forty years it has always been my main intellectual interest. I have always thought that history should be of interest to all and that it should be written and presented in a manner that made it accessible to the public. I have greatly admired the World at War and Liberty Videos for being great history and great entertainment. I have always admired those historians who have made their work highly readable like AJP Taylor, Gordon Wood, Micheal Mckernan and Orlando Figes, to name a few.

This is where you get directions to various parts of the blog.

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  1. Hello David, Are you running any history courses in 2015?

    Can you please get back to me by email as I don’t always check your web site?

    Allan Walker

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