Online Power Points on Revolution

Slide Share on French  Revolution.  Click on the title to view. These should be viewed full screen by clicking on the Screen tab under the right  hand side of the  presentation.

 Plenty detail here, great visuals  and good quotes from historians. Sometimes it is difficult to work out the meaning of the visual as the presenter would explain that to you.

Still well worth a look.

French Revolution; session i, Ancien Regime 

Medieval Monarchy
Development of the Nation State
Sun King
Great War for the Empire
France and the American Revolution

French Revolution; session ii, Enlightenment

Medieval Worldview
Scientific Revolution
Newton and Locke
French Enlightenment

French Revolution; session iii,  1789

Summoning the Estates General
14 Juillet
Jacquerie & la Grande Peur
National Constituent Assembly
Les Poissardes

French Revolution; session iv, Constitutions ,1790 -1792

Civil Constitution of the Clergy, 1790
Flight to Varennes
Constitution of 1791
the tenth of August
National Convention

French revolution; session v, War

Military Reforms before the Revolution
Opening Engagements
Counterrevolution in the Vendée
Levée en Masse
“Organizer of Victory”
The Rush upon Europe

French revolution; session vi, The Terror

Twelve Who Ruled
The “Foreign Plot” and 14 Frimaire
Terror in the Provinces
Virtue and Terror?

French revolution; session vii ,Thermidor

9 Thermidor
What Now?
First White Terror
13 Vendémiaire
Constitution of the Year III
The Directory Begins

French revolution; session viii, Directory

The Directory at Work
Napoleon’s First Italian Campaign
America’s Quasi-war with France
The Tiger and the Shark
18 Brumaire, l’an viii



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