Videos on French Revolution

 Rise and Fall of Versailles

The symbol of France’s glory, Versailles is probably the most splendid royal palace in Europe.
From 1643 to 1792 it was the stage on which the most glorious period of the French Monarchy played out.
Filmed in Versailles itself, this three-part drama-documentary brings the 150-year reign of France’s three most famous monarchs – Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI – to life.The film recreates the life and loves of France’s most famous king, Louis XIV. Dubbed the Sun King by his admiring court, Louis conquered half of Europe, conducted dozens of love affairs and dazzled his contemporaries with his lavish entertainments. But perhaps his greatest achievement – and certainly his longest lasting love – was the incredible palace he built at Versailles, one of the wonders of the world. It includes interviews with the world’s leading specialists.

Click on Part to view episode.

Part 1    Louis XIV: The Dream of a King

Part 2  Louis XV : The Palace of Pleasure

Part 3   Louis XVI: Countdown to Revolution


History Channel  Video 90 Mins

Marie Antoinette, Queen of Fashion

Lecture by Caroline Weber, associate professor, department of French and Romance Philogy At Barnard College

A Collection of 4  Videos on the French revolution         

Quite simple and classroom orientated

Terror, Robespierre and the French Revolution

Above is the link to part 1. Go to part 2 -6 from here. See Part 2/6 on right of video and so on.


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