Videos on Napoleon

 Napoleon – Part 1 To Destiny PBS    45 Mins
Napoleon Part 2 Mastering Luck -PBS 45 Mins 
Napoleon – Part 3 Summit of Greatness – PBS 45 Mins
Napoleon – Part 4 The End- PBS 45 Mins
Battle of Austerlitz (1993 BBC Documentary Brian Blessed narrates)  55 Mins
Napoleon Bonaparte – Road To Moscow   60 Mins

1812 Napoleon’s Road to Moscow is a powerful record of one of history’s greatest military disasters. Featuring dramatized reconstructions, stunning period imagery and the latest 3-D computer graphics, the program follows the dramatic course of events, including the Battle of Bordino and the cruel ‘Retreat From Moscow’ which claimed over half a million lives. The program also draws extensively on spectacular scenes from the Oscar-winning Russian film War and Peace.

Waterloo 1970 Film 2Hrs

Battle of Waterloo History Channel  56 Mins

This program tells the story of the final thunderous battle of the Napoleonic era featuring stunning excerpts from major feature films, specially filmed authentic reconstruction and re-enactment footage, plus dramatized ‘eye-witness’ accounts of the battle, it provides a unique record of one of the turning points in world history.

History Channel Napoleon Bonaparte – Icon of Power     90 mins

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