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 A People’s Century Part 1  1900 Age of Hope

A People’s Century Part 2 1914 The Killing Fields

A People’s Century  Part 3 1917 Red Flag

2007 Documentary on Russian Revolution   90 mins

Lectures  Russian Empire to Revolution    from  Vanderbilt University for Senior Class

Frank Wcislo, Dean of The Commons and assocWiate professor of history at Vanderbilt University

This lecture series surveys the history of the Russian Empire from the 18th century, the height of its prominence, until the revolutions of 1917, the time of its collapse. Its topics will include the 18th century empire of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, the Napoleonic Wars, which were made famous in Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, the coming of industrial modernity to a society and culture shaped by autocracy and serfdom, 19th century Russian imperial expansion in Eurasia, and the wars and revolutions of the early 20th century that destroyed monarchical empire and created the world’s first communist state. The lectures also consider imperial Russian identity, society, culture, economy and politics, all of which imitated but also differed from cultures found to “the West,” an ambivalent relationship that continues to complicate Russian history.

Apogee of Autocracy 1796 -1855

 Late Imperial Era 1861 – 1914

1881 – 1914   – Russia under the Old regime


Last of Tsars  1996

Great use of contemporary film footage  and interviews with survivors. Strong on Romanov family and  Nicholas and Alix. General  commentary not so good.

Worth watching for the images.

Part 1  Nicky and Alix

Part 2 Shadow of Rasputin

Part 3  Death of Dynasty

Lenin  A biography  45 mins

Stalin: Inside The Terror

This is a BBC  documentary from 2003 and probably one of the best on Stalin. The archive footage is very good and it draws upon some excellent evidence from close witnesses, including Stalin’s own family. Uploaded for educational purposes only.


1. Revolutionary

2. Despot

3. Generalissimo


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