Solon to Socrates


Rise and fall of Democratic Athens 600 – 400 BC


  • How do we know about Ancient Athens?
  • Foundations of the Athenian polis
    • Importance of Solon
    • The tyrants
    • Cleisthenes’ revolution
  • Themistocles and the defeat of the Persian threat
  • The Democracy becomes an empire
  • Periclean   Athens
  • Does the democracy fail under the stress of plague and a long drawn out war?
  • How democratic was Athens and does it provide a model or lessons for the 21stC ?

The course will use power point presentations to provide maps, diagrams and images relevant to our exploration of the topic.  Students will be referred to the many rich online resources available to enhance their understanding of Ancient Greece and it would be helpful if they had access to a book or books on Ancient Greece during the classical period.   They may also discuss the issues on the Tutor’s History Blog.

To view pages on Ancient Greece  go to sub pages  under Solon to Socrates in right hand column

A select bibliography on Ancient Greece


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