Links to Resources for further reading

The links below are all excellent. Click on Red writing to go to site

Overview Histories

Perseus  Thomas R. Martin, An Overview of Classical Greek History from Mycenae to Alexander

The entire collection of Ancient Writings can be found here. Look under Aristotle, Herodotus, Plutarch and Thucydides etc

Perseus Ancient History Writings Library

Below is another excellent collection of source material on Ancient Greece.

It is arranged under topic headings where it gives you selected items(Including visuals) from the Ancient Sources. Obviously click on Greece when you arrive at the home page

The Internet Ancient History Source Book

Essays on Athenian Democracy by recent historians

Demos : Classical Athenian Democracy   Edited by CW Blackwell

Part of this site is CW Blackwell’s Essay on The development of Athenian Democracy

Introduction to Ancient Greek History with Professor Donald Kagan ( A world Authority at Yale)

CLICK ON CLASS SESSIONS to see the series of 24 Lectures. You can choose how to hear and or hear  a session by clicking on Audio or Video. You can also choose to print out the lecture and have access to course student material


Clio – Athens to Alexander     Site developed in Canberra

  In this site some great material here on  Hoplites

Below is Hellenica edited by Michael Lahanas.

This is a sprawling site with many images especially of  greek pottery   HELLENICA

This is the link to the Perseus Artifacts site. Plenty of pottery with an organised search engine under various headings

Here is a Link to Ancient Greek Cities  which has a shorter version on these cities

This is probably the most accessible site for Greek Black figure pottery

A good simple introduction to Ancient greek History:

 Good Pottery site:

 Another Site which is a little Shorter but has very good links built into the text and you can download and print it.

Fabulous source Book

Trireme Videos

Click HERE to watch video on Triremes

To watch the Olympias Trireme click  HERE

Click here for another Olympias Trust video

Another Good General Site

This is huge and worthwhile site

The link below takes you to a site where you can join a course on Greek History and Culture. Some of them are free including the history background ones

In the same site there is a free course on Greek religion


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