The Curse of the Alcmeonidae


This course takes a look at Ancient Athenian History from the perspective of a powerful Aristocratic Athenian family, the Alcmeonidae, as they make their way through 400 years of history. In doing this we look at family life, how they make a living, their position in society, travel, the role of men and  women, children, sex, clothes, housing and domestic spaces, music,  values, religion, play( Athletics), food, dinner parties  and, when we can, the part played by the family in their community. The course requires us to get back and stand in the shoes of this family and live life as they did and to think as they did, to use our historical imagination to fill in the gaps. We look at the transition from an aristocratic society in 800 BC to a democratic one by 400 BC and how they survive and prosper in a changing society. It is amazing how much we now know.

From this page you navigate to others by looking in the Right hand column of this site for the Heading Solon to Socrates/Curse of Alcmeonidae and then clicking on the Red sub pages.

They are  Links page to many learning  resources. Have fun!

A select bibliography on Archaic Greece

Handout 1

HESIOD    Extracts on Farming in 700 BC


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