US History

Click on this link to see a summary of History of A New Republic Part 1

These web sites  are virtual texts on US history.

These are a very rich source that make up for the poor showing in our local libraries.

They may take some time to load up but they are worth the wait if you want  a deatiled coverage of the story of the making of the USA. They have text,maps, biographies and documents

A Digital History of the USA an excellent source

American History  from  University of Groningen in Northern Netherlands

Biography of America – more audio visual

US History org

A peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn. ( A very radical left wing approach)

Some videos on Pre Columbian America

Native America before European Colonization  90 mins

Iroquois Nations   90 mins

America Before Columbus | National Geographic Documentary    90 mins

History Channel – America The Story Of US Ep 1 – Rebel

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